Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Cyber Bullying

  One day George looked at his email and found it full of spam . The next day at school he wanted to pay 10$ to Little Billy to clean it out. So that night Billy cleaned out the email and changed the password for $5. And seeing this money making opportunity he sells the account to several people at school for $20 dollars each. George was furious and tried to get Billy to give him the account info but he wouldn't so he bought it back for $15. When George tried to log on the password had already been changed.George getting his email back priceless.


  1. Hi, I think that you had a great story. There aren't any spelling errors either on alot of the posts i have looked at.

  2. Hey this was a really good story besides i think you need to fix the end of the story cause the end made nonsense to me.

  3. Gavin the end and the story as a whole is a reference to the vista card commercial.