Thursday, September 22, 2011

Follett Shelf Electronic Library

Yes you can use this site outside of school because all you need to access your account is your username and password. It's legal to use this site because the school pays the service and they waive part of the copyright to provide you legal use of the site.I would like to read "Rocks and Minerals" because it goes with the science unit we are in now and the "Daniel Boone" because it sounds like a very interesting and informative book.

Monday, September 12, 2011


I chose the Attribution-Non Commercial-Share Alike copyright license because I want people to know who created the work and I don't want people to say they created the work and get the only credit. And they can edit it or change it which might teach me something seeing someone else's opinion. Also I like the idea of people of not being able to make money off it when i'm not making any. I chose derivative because i don't want people to change it and change the license so no one can use it. And Share Alike is a very useful part which requires them to license it under the same license.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Science Methodology

 Original Procedures
1. Gather Materials.
2. Wrap 2 Beans in the paper.
3. Water beans,one with water the other with Dr. Pepper.
4.  Record results each day over a span of 3 weeks.
  Revised Procedures
1. Make a hypothesis and identify your objective and variable of the experiment.
2. Get safety equipment.
3. Gather materials.
4. Wrap 2 smooth beans in 5inx5in paper towel and place them in 2 separate cups.
5.  Label 1 cup Dr. Pepper and 1 cup Water.
6. Water them every day for 3 weeks with 30 drops from a dropper and record when you see any growth.