Monday, September 12, 2011


I chose the Attribution-Non Commercial-Share Alike copyright license because I want people to know who created the work and I don't want people to say they created the work and get the only credit. And they can edit it or change it which might teach me something seeing someone else's opinion. Also I like the idea of people of not being able to make money off it when i'm not making any. I chose derivative because i don't want people to change it and change the license so no one can use it. And Share Alike is a very useful part which requires them to license it under the same license.

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  1. Tristin,

    I really like this explanation of your license choice. I think it is wonderful for a young blogger to understand copyrights and licenses right from the beginning. It will help you a lot in creating great posts because it will give you more resources to draw from.

    For using images, I really like the wikimedia site (affiliated with wikipedia):
    I always find great stuff there and it's clear what's public domain and what's available under which license.

    Best of luck blogging! I hope you have fun with it!