Monday, October 3, 2011

Bean Project

Problem - How fast will a Great Northern bean plant grow?
Background - Plants require water,soil, and sunlight to grow.
Hypothesis - I believe that the beans will grow in the soil and water but i think
that the beans will grow larger and faster in soil and Dr. Pepper.
Materials - 2x 2 ounce cups
4x ounces of soil
1x 10mm graduated cylinder
2x smooth sided Great Northern beans
pencil and paper
140mm of water
140mm of Dr.Pepper
ruler in cm
Procedures - 1. Make a hypothesis and identify your objective and variable of the
2. Get safety equipment.
3. Gather materials.
4. Fill 2 2 ounce cups with 2 ounces of soil each and bury bean half
an inch in the soil.
5. Label 1 cup Dr. Pepper and 1 cup Water.
6. Water them every day for 3 weeks with 30 drops from a dropper and
record the growth of the plant over the course of the 3 weeks
Experiment/Collect Data - Graph
Conclusion - I have concluded neither of my variables are good choices because
neither one showed any growth or sign of development on the bean its
Question - What would be a better controlled variable?

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